Does Social Media Permit Defamation

If you go on any Instagram post of a celebrity or social media influencer, you are bound to see a bunch of false claims about them. Almost every day that I get online, I read some article or comment about someone in the spotlight that contains incorrect information. The growth of social media has also created the growth of false information; it has allowed for this false information to travel all around the world. Since there are so many people using social media all day long, I feel as though the creators of these platforms find it futile to try to control everything that every user says. By allowing all of these false things to be published by users, is social media permitting defamation?

I believe that it does. For whatever reason, people feel extremely powerful behind their computer screens. In a way, that is a great. It is important that people have a place to voice their thoughts and opinions. Social media allows people to voice their thoughts and opinions on any topic that they please. That being said, a lot of people abuse that power. They think that social media is a place for them to talk about other people in a negative light, and shed gossip and lies all over the internet.

The major problem with that, is that there are not always a lot of repercussions for doing these things. When it comes to celebrities, I understand that it would be impossible to stop people from spreading lies about them since they are in the light, and have a large following on social media. I also think that a lot people are desensitized to the false media, and know when a lot of information is not true. However, I feel that as many false claims should be as monitored as possible – even for celebrities.

People are now creating false websites, tweets, Facebook pages about non-celebrities. Reputations, livelihoods, and families have been ruined by defamation through social media. There needs to be something to stop permitting defamation through social media. Some kind of repercussion. You will never be able to fully stop murder, stealing, defamation, etc. However, there can be a way to control those things. We need to begin addressing these different issues that come with social media by taking legal action.

What do you all think about this topic?